is dedicated to highlight the problems within the building trades concerning stucco, as well as providing informational resources about proper stucco application.  We take photo contributions from all sources and seek not to point out individual offenders, but rather to raise the consumers awareness level so that they can be on guard against the problems in their new house.

Feel free to browse our
directory of pictures (or contribute your own).  A house is such a huge expense now days and it is a sin that poor workmanship, improper techniques and just plain greed can set new homeowners up for a nasty surprise a few years down the road.  On the following pages filled with pictures of jobs in progress*, you can see the many "shortcuts" that lead to moisture, mildew and structural problems as time goes by. *

As you browse through the pictures on the following pages, you will find it does not take an expert to see the problems involved. While there are may other variables that contribute to the quality of a stucco job, even a layman can take a casual look at some jobs and see that problems abound.  A basic understanding of the application process involves only knowing that the subsurface of any stucco job is covered with a base material, a metal lathe and then the "Mud" is applied over that.  Anywhere that process is not followed, trouble can and will result.  Notice the gaps between the paper that leave open spaces.  Lathe that does not extend completely over the surface and a lack of flashing around windows and doors that create paths for moisture to seep into the voids created.  These problems won't occur tomorrow or next month on your new home, but rather a few years down the road when your warranty is expired and the damage is done.
Here is a frightening example of what's in store.

As time goes by, we will be expanding our site to include more photos, links and informational resources for the consumer to use to assure that they are getting their moneys worth.  Please come back and visit us often!

* The photos used on are meant to represent examples of improper techniques.  We do not know whether these conditions were repaired prior to each individual jobs completion and make no representation as such.
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This house was prepped with no material between the housewrap and the metal.  Nurmeous problems here. poor homeowner.
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